Trust (Part 2) People aren’t who you think they are

Our brains are fantastic machines for sorting, categorizing, and filtering data. It makes sure we don’t get confused easily and that we see what is the most appropriate. Unfortunately, when we assume that people are not trustworthy, we inadvertently set our brain on a subconscious crusade that will result in proving our opinion. To help understand why, let’s talk about… Read moreTrust (Part 2) People aren’t who you think they are

The Ideas Behind Scientific Development

No big idea is created in a vacuum, and scientific development is no exception. Below are links to key sources I referenced or learned from in building the idea. Slides Agile & Beyond 2016 Books Seeing what other’s don’t (book) Predictably Irrational (website & book) A More Beautiful Question (website & book) The Marshmallow Test (book) Start With Why (website & book)… Read moreThe Ideas Behind Scientific Development